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The Hospice movement started in 1967 when Dame Cicely Saunders carried out studies for cancer patients for whom doctors had given up hope of curing. Her studies showed that most patients were living very painful and undignified lives. Loved ones who cared were literally helpless. No one knew how to relieve their suffering and there was no one to turn to. Unfortunately even the most learned doctors were not trained in this aspect of terminal or palliative care. 

Thus the hospice movement initiated by Dame Saunders, to help alleviate the pain and suffering of people not responsive to curative treatment and to support care givers winged its way to various parts of the world.

                                    Cicely Mary Strode Saunders 1918-2005
                            ‘ I did not found hospice; hospice found me.’


Consonant with this movement, Hospice Negeri Sembilan a volutary, non governmental organization was born and registered in 1998. There are at present 20 voluntary hospices in Malaysia. We come under the umbrella body of Malaysian Hospice Council.

Hospice Negeri Sembilan has 92 life members. The chairman and committee are elected every 2 years. Volunteers and committee members meet monthly. At the monthly volunteer meetings, there is usually a session for continuous training and education. Qualified members on invited speakers share their knowledge during these sessions. This is followed by a session where patient care is discussed under the guidance of the medical team. At present, we are situated in a quiet, tranquil corner of Rasah, Seremban is our new home. 'Rumah Hospice Seremban'. We have come a long way since our humble beginnings meeting at the Hospital Besar Seremban and Palliative Ward Seremban, to the present centre.
The full time nurse coordinator screens all referrals. She also performs specialized nursing procedures during home visits and co-ordinates the activities of the volunteers besides keeping the inventory of the medical and non-medical equipment. In addition she co-ordinates the equipment on loan and maintains individual case notes on each patient.

In 2004, the Rotary Club of Seremban donated a van to us. The van is used to visit the patients at home and if necessary to aid the transport of patients during their visits to the hospital. To save costs, the van is also used to transport volunteers who attend courses and other activities related to the functions of the organization.


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